Dr. Florencio F. Padernal
Civil Engineer, Manager, Entrepreneur, Educator

The Professional Regulation Commision (PRC) awarded Dr. Florencio F. Padernal, DPA, as Most Outstanding Civil Engineer of 2015 during its 42nd Founding Anniversary and in celebration of the Professional Regulation Commision Week on June 18, 2015 at Fiesta Pavilion of the Manila Hotel.

Dr. Florencio F. Padernal is currently the Administrator of National Irrigation Administration (NIA) which he held since July 2014. Prior to this government position, Dr. Padernal has also held various significant positions in the private sector.

He was past Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Padernal Construction Co., Inc. (PCCI) which he started in 1993. He was engaged in contracting and construction of socialized houses, townhouses, medium-rise condominiums and apartments, hotels, roads, bridges, flood control structures, water supply facilities, land development projects, and property management. He was also Chairman and President of Test Consultants Inc., a company established in 1968. Test is one of the leading environmental and engineering consulting companies in the Philippines.

Dr. Padernal is a Civil Engineer who specializes in the fields of project/construction management, master and development planning, institution and capability building, and engineering while working for several institutions mainly in the Philippines, China, Mongolia, and Switzerland. He also specializes in public administration, having earned the degrees of Masters Degree in Business Administration in 1977, and Doctor of Public Administration in 1981.